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Stage Props Online Guide

Your best source guide for stage props, costumes, stage lighting and sound equipment.... [ Read more ]

The Alleged Batman VS Superman Film

For years, a batman vs superman film has been in the works, but after many missteps and the continuation of other projects its future is uncertain.... [ Read more ]

Are You Interested In Becoming A Voice Over Talent : Voice Over LA

Voice over artists may not be chased by the paparazzi and splashed on the covers of grocery store tabloids, but that isn’t a reflection of their abilities to do what they love or to make a decent paycheck... [ Read more ]

There’s A Plethora Of Variety Among Voice Over Artists: Voice Over LA

Voices over agents are in the business for one reason – to bring their clients the best possible voice over talent.... [ Read more ]

Avoid These Mistakes When Playing the Blues - Phrasing Blues Solos - Guitar

When playing blues guitar, as with anything, you always start with the basics and gradually you advance to where you get to riffs, style, and that thing they call phrasing. Phrasing is how you take all the techniques and all the details that go... [ Read more ]

Discover How to Play the 12 Bar Blues on Your Guitar - Progressions

It's hard to describe how to play the 12 Bar blues on the guitar when you don't have one in front of you. It's also hard to play it if you have never done it before and you are interested in playing the 12 bar blues . What isn't hard...... [ Read more ]

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs: Bring This Ancient Language Back to Life As a Tattoo on Your Skin

After many decades in the shadows, it is now okay for ordinary people to sport tattoos again. For a long time only punks and gangsters had tattoos, but in the last few years Hollywood stars have been popularizing these beautiful body art. Many of... [ Read more ]

Shop dine or chill out at the Select Citywalks flea market

Rest assured one of the best ways to de-stress is to go shopping, even if it is window shopping. Looking at the window displays with the mannequins wearing the latest clothes and bedecked in jewellery is a sight for sore eyes.... [ Read more ]

Arriva a Rimini l’evento più glamour del settore Nautico

Dal 23 al 26 aprile a Rimini si è tenuta la prima edizione dell’evento White and Blue Rimini Yachting Lifestyle dedicato a bellissimi yacht accompagnati dagli accessori che i cantieri più rinomati mettono a disposizione…... [ Read more ]

Bamboo Fabric: Better Than Hemp

These days, natural, organic fabrics are very popular. There's a lot of talk about hemp fabric for its obvious properties. Not many know about bamboo. We are all aware that bamboo is a plant, which is commonly grown in Asia. It is sometimes... [ Read more ]

5 Killer Tips to Play the Blues Guitar Easily - 12 Bar Blues Guitar

If you want to play Blues guitar there are many different methods to choose from, even hundreds of them. The style has many variations and is the most traditional and well-known forms of music in the world. It would be too difficult to exactly... [ Read more ]

12 Bar Blues Progression Playing Guide - 12 Bar Blues Guitar Chords and Scales

So, you want to play the blues just like all the blues greats who are out there. Good, hold on to that desire. It is the love of the thing that endures and grows with you as your playing gets better and better. So, now that you're hooked, what... [ Read more ]