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Summer games as the first action to humanity

Date Added: July 01, 2009 11:04:18 PM
Author: Summer games as a rehabilitation
Category: Society: Disabled

A certain measure occured in Shanghai in TWO THOUSAND SEVEN. There were Shanghai Special Olympic World Games in TWO THOUSAND SEVEN for masses who have intellectual disabilities. That measure took place in Asia for the first time and it was just the second time it was held out of the measures of the United States of America. It was organised by the Special Olympics. Many people from all the places visited Shanghai to take part or only to look at the sports competition. 7, 500 special participants participated in Special Olympic World Summer Games, together with the top of the 2.5 mln sportsmen who competed in 165 countries to participate in the games. They became a persuasive validation of the fact that Special Olympics is for those individuals who were capable to overtake their diseases. A lot of politicians, relatives, volunteers, spectators and journalists were also present at this competition. All participants were sorted into 6 groups according to their disability groups: 1. Amputee: Sportsmen with any extremity or extremities loss. 2. Cerebral Palsy: Sportsmen with non-progressive head harm or similar diseases influencing musculus control or coordination. 3. Intellectual Disablement: Athletes with a substantial impairment in intellectual operation and associated limitations in adaptative behaviour. 4. Wheelchair: Sportsmen with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities which require them to be in a wheelchair. 5. Dim-sighted: Participants with vision damage ranging from partial vision to total sightlessness. 6. Les Autres: Athletes with a physical handicap that does not fall right under any of the other 5 categories (the title for this category is the French for "the others"). Special Olympics sportsmen of categories competed in 25 various sports: aquatics, athletics, badminton, hoops, boccie, bowling, cricket, cycling, dragon boat racing, equestrian, soccer, golf, gymnastics, judo, kayaking, lion dance, power-lifting, roller, skating, sailing, softball, table tennis, team handball, tennis, volleyball, motor activities. You can look through some extra information on our website Summer Games for Intellectually Disable People And even more data on this theme is also situated following the link: 2007 Summer Games for Intellectually Disable People

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