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Outsourced Web Hosting Technical Support

Date Added: July 02, 2009 04:37:52 PM
Author: Brock Williams
Category: Computers & Internet: Internet

Doing business in today's economy is difficult. How do you reach and stay in touch with all of your customers? More importantly, how do you reach and convince new customers to do business with you? Marketing has always been the answer. Spend money on radio adds, TV adds and print campaigns. Thousands upon thousands of dollars spent putting your name and brand in front of consumers for just a few seconds at a time. Then you have to hope they remember you when they are making the decision to engage someone in your industry. Today there is a better option. The Internet. More and more consumers are turning on their computers and doing their research before deciding who to do business with. A professionally done website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a better way to capture the consumers attention. There are a couple options when creating and maintaining a website. The most expensive one is to hire a person or department to do the work. Every day, focused on your website. Ensuring it is up to date and available when anyone does a search for it. But this will be very expensive. It could cost your company $30 and hour or more for each person involved. And if you don't need to update the website every day, you find yourself paying them a lot of money to do nothing. The better option for most businesses is to outsource the work. A company that specializes in outsourced web hosting technical support has several advantages. First, the cost to you is greatly reduced. Creating and building the site will be a one time cost. Depending on what you need it could be as little as a few hundred dollars. More complicated sites may run into thousands of dollars. But once the site is built, the hosting and maintenance costs are nowhere near as expensive. Typically the fees for maintaining a website are will not be more than $500 a month. Of course this is for the highest quality support. Constantly updating the site and being available to you 24 hours a day to answer any questions or act on your requests. If you require less intensive support, your monthly fees could be less than $100 a month. In all cases, they monitor the servers to ensure that anyone on the web looking for someone in your business will be able to access your website. Clearly, outsourced web hosting technical support is more cost effective solution for the majority of businesses. What you could pay one person for less than 2 days work will ensure your website is available and accessible for an entire month. On top of that, you know you are getting highly trained and competent support. After all, this what they do day in and day out. Best of all, the consumer is able to identify your business as the one they want to do business with when they are ready to act. Admin Care’s support engineers offer linux server support. Outsourced transparent customer technical assistance for linux & windows servers.

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