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Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping: Why Customers Prefer One Click Shopping

Date Added: June 22, 2009 06:03:24 PM
Author: Craig Davis
Category: Shopping

Online shopping has opened up entirely new possibilities in the world of shopping. Customers are now allowed to shop worldwide, hit great internet sales, and comparison shop all from the comfort of home. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen the top three reasons people use online shopping are for convenience, to save time, and the ability to comparison shop. In the past customers were limited to the stores they shopped at or the items available for purchase based on what was locally available. Customers had a smaller selection of stores and products to choose from if a store was not available in their region or if they lived in a smaller community. Now thanks to the internet, online shopping has removed those limitations. Customers can shop worldwide with a click of the button. They can now use simple search engines to find unique or specialty items. Whether you are looking for something from another country or a rare collector’s piece you can find it in a simple search. Online shopping has also created better pricing and incentives. From your personal computer you can search for the best available price for specific items. In the past local stores only had to compete with the local market, but now they compete with online stores and online stores have to compete with every online store selling those same items. This includes internet resale and warehouse type websites which tend to have very competitive pricing. Online shops must be sure they not only carry a wide variety of products they must be competitively priced, and offer incentives such as free or reduced shipping. Online shoppers can now also use the internet to research before they buy. Customers can use online shopping to find internet reviews of products by real consumers to decide if they really are getting a quality product at bargain price. They can also research online stores, and view their customer ratings to feel secure in their transaction with the company. Payment for internet purchases has also become more secure for the weary customer thanks to very advanced protective anti hacking programs, and safe third party payment companies who create websites that allow for secure transactions to come right out of your checking account or credit card. These protective measures help take the risk or eliminate the fears of purchasing through smaller less known companies. Although the online selection may be larger, some people just prefer traditional shopping based on personal choice, or need for items on short notice, or maybe they are weary of the process; thanks to modern technology though most people at one point or another will choose online shopping. No matter what the reason each consumer chooses online shopping versus traditional shopping we can all agree the ability to shop worldwide for the best products at the best prices tempts us all to sit back in our favorite chair and start shopping from the comfort of home. To learn more about our products and

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